Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund


Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund
WELCOME to the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund web site.
We are a group of dedicated Berner owners and lovers, who seek to provide some financial assistance to owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs who find themselves in need of a little help when their dogs are accidentally injured or develop catastrophic medical conditions.

BEHAF has been in existence since 1999. Please, if you have a purebred Berner with health issues, and treatment is being determined by financial constraints, contact us! We're here to help. We won't judge you, we promise! Our goal is purely and simply to make a difference in the lives of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Be sure to visit our "Special Friends Page" and see BACCHUS & ARI'S story. This is a heartbreaking and touching story of 2 special Berners - who needed your help...

Want to help us help Berners? Check out the "How YOU can help page" for some ideas from donations to adding a BEHAF banner to your web site. Any and all help welcomed and deeply appreciated.

One last thought we would like to leave you all with......our motto for BEHAF:


The Berner Ring

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We also express our appreciation to Dino Candelaria for the superb job she did illustrating "Vision" - our BEHAF Berner mascot - that you will see on various pages at this site.


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